The project is NOT dead

Hi all, I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I have been silent for quite a while, and rather busy I have been working on it. I have the modifications on Cabal done, and almost done with those on Cabal-Install. Various small bug fixes and I’m working on improving the speed of it all. I’ll post another video soon.

I’ve also upgraded the internal ghc from the 6.13 internal snapshot I’ve been using to the released GHC 7. This is turns out to be a quite annoying upgrade, the RTS seems to segfault randomly and code that used to compile on 6.x no longer compiles on 7. But as far as I can tell, it should.

In any case, this means all of the marshaling code has to be regenerated, which means I have to change the code generated by my tool. I’m also rewriting the way the DLLs are loaded. They’re currently loaded in the same/default address space as the IDE. The problem is, when GHC panics, for whatever reason, the RTS is forced to quit and takes everything with it. I haven’t found anyway to stop this, so I’m working on some kind of process isolation. This is unfortunately a design error on my part, I always figured that a ghc panic was just an exception and did not terminate the rts.

I’ve promised a beta a lot, so I won’t do it this time, I initially planned on releasing the source along with a first release since I don’t think it’s wise for multiple people to work on the core interactions, but If I don’t make that by September, I’ll just publish what I have so that others can help if they want to.

Visual studio 2010 sp1 is coming out “soon” as well. This should fix a few of the problems I’ve been having. (yay). And in 2012 the next major release of visual studio (don’t worry, it’ll be done before that Smile with tongue out). Barring any major api changes, it’ll be easy to support it and any following versions of visual studio.

But to reiterate, the project is not dead, far from it. I just have a lot of work to do, some problems to solve.


Hello World!

I’m currently writing a language service/package for visual studio 2010 but one of the things I’ve noticed is that a lot of the stuff I need are largely undocumented.

So I decided to write this Blog, documenting things I’ve found out while writing this. Although now and then there’ll be some odd posts 🙂